1. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)

    can’t wait to watch this

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    7 Things | Miley Cyrus

    oh mother of god I forgot about this gem

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    What do rabbits have to do with Easter, anyway?

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  8. best find ever for £1! ~ thanks to @ellisleighjones #hellokitty #phonecase #lightupcase #collection

  9. they must love their beds, they haven’t left them to come greet me after a day away.. #lazy #pups #labrador #dogsofinstagram


  10. today’s a good day

    checked my bank to find out I have £2,600 ish in there and the nursery will take me on until I find something else. hoooooray! 😁

  11. yum yum #sardines #bargain #yummy #teatime


  12. Anonymous asked: Do you have kids?

    not yet haha.. I work in a nursery if you’re referring to my text post :)

  13. bought a blue one by mistake thanks to the old lady talking to me.. it literally tastes like those brain licker sweets… 😖 #foul


  14. had such a lovely weekend

    lush weekend, working my last week in work, beautiful weather today ~ about to take the kids out for a spring/summer walk and now were forecast beautiful weather all week. ahhhh :)